Tammy Broaddus

Sponsorship Chair & Founding Board Member

[Tammy Broaddus]

Tammy believes the biggest problem with innovation today is not discovery…it’s adoption. Unfortunately, the best ideas don’t always win and even great ideas fail. The Conscious Capitalism movement to elevate humanity through business offers powerful strategies to contribute to the welfare of people and the planet. Tammy believes a healthy planet and happy people are not mutually exclusive to profits rather are the critical enablers.

Tammy is a Principal at Overflow, who helps accelerate the adoption of ideas through story by launching strategy, propelling movements and shifting perception. Tammy specializes in strategy, marketing, organizational change and corporate learning. Prior to Overflow, she operated her own consulting practice and has twenty years of cross-functional experience as an executive at Hallmark Cards. Tammy is an adjunct professor in Entrepreneurship, a non-profit board member, community volunteer, wife and mother of two. She holds a master’s degree in Education from Kansas University and bachelors in Marketing from Truman State University.