Conscious Capitalism Kansas City

2018 Chapter Kick-off Event

Thank you for joining us on this special evening of dialogue, connection, creation and contribution. Coming together to bring the Conscious Capitalism Movement to Kansas City has been a dream and a passion for the members and volunteers of this chapter for quite some time, and we couldn’t be more grateful to celebrate launching in Kansas City today with you. Below you’ll find information about tonight’s event, as well as information on Conscious Capitalism, both nationally and local to KC, and the many ways to stay connected or get involved.

We’re so grateful for your attendance tonight, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your evening.

About the Evening

Tonight’s Purpose

Connect. Create. Contribute.

Elevating humanity through business.

Tonight something beautiful happens. Tonight, and together, we are privileged to launch the Conscious Capitalism Kansas City (CCKC) Chapter and begin bringing a host of resources, events, and opportunities for businesses and leaders to grow through Conscious Capitalism in a multitude of ways. You’ll hear from a few of our Founding Board members, and the co-founder of Conscious Capitalism – Raj Sisodia – on how critical this movement is to elevating humanity through business.

Below you’ll also discover more information about the evening, the CCKC chapter, and Conscious Capitalism in general. If you have any questions during the evening, our Board Members and Volunteers will be available throughout the event space to assist you with whatever your needs may be. Again, thank you for being here with us tonight.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Tonight’s Agenda

Connect + Refreshments & Networking

5:30 – 6:00 PM

Connect with other attendees interested in the Conscious Capitalism movement, and enjoy refreshments provided by SMG, Boulevard, Somerset Winery & Enjoy Pure Food + Drink, all shining examples of local, conscious businesses.

Create + Ron Hill & Raj Sisodia

6:00 – 7:00 PM

Tonight you’ll hear from the Board President – Ron Hill – as he expresses his gratitude for all those who have helped bring Conscious Capitalism to Kansas City (CCKC) and the journey that guided him to this incredible movement. Then, our featured speaker – Raj Sisodia, co-founder of Conscious Capitalism – will speak on the evolution of capitalism and our opportunity to elevate humanity through business.

Contribute + Beginning the Journey

7:00 – 7:45 PM

We’ll conclude our evening with continued networking and connections with members of the Board, Volunteers and fellow attendees. We’ll also be featuring three (3) opportunities to learn about the many ways to contribute to and bring to fruition the Conscious Capitalism movement in Kansas City and your own place of business. Here are the three learning opportunities, guided by our Founding Board Members and other, key stakeholders:

  • Get involved in CCKC – Christina Long & Tammy Broaddus
  • Learn about local events & content – Sarah Hermes & Mark Logan
  • More about Conscious Capitalism – Ron Hill & Raj Sisodia

What’s Next?

After tonight, the options are endless. During each learning opportunity listed above, you’ll be provided with key information on call-to-actions that will contribute to the success of Conscious Capitalism becoming a key stakeholder within the Kansas City business community. You can find additional information about Conscious Capitalism below, as well as a survey to express your interests & get involved directly with the CCKC Chapter (button below).

Get Involved

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Our Leadership

[Ron L Hill]
Ron Hill
Chapter Lead & Founding Board Member
[Christina Long]
Christina Long
Finance & Administration Board Chair - Founding Board Member
[Michelle Robin]
Michelle Robin
Founding Board Member
[Sarah Hermes]
Sarah Hermes
Events Chair & Founding Board Member
Cindy Reynolds
Founding Board Member
Doug Waltman
Mark Logan
Founder and Chief Collaborator, Idealect
Cristina Estenes

The Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism

Higher Purpose:

Energize stakeholders around a higher purpose while maintaining the essential ingredient of profitability.

Stakeholder Orientation:

Focus on stakeholders rather than shareholders and create value for all involved.

Conscious Leadership:

Purposefully cultivate an environment of trust, care and service for the entire business ecosystem.

Conscious Culture:

Connect stakeholders to each other and the company’s purpose through shared values inherent in the people, processes, and practices of the business.

You can learn more by watching the video linked in the button below, and hear from other business leaders on the value and importance of Conscious Capitalism in elevating humanity, and business, through these tenants.


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